Monday, March 21, 2016

Celebrating My 60th Birthday in Mexico

Every year, I plan an international trip for my birthday. It’s a wonderful way to mark the passage of time and an excellent excuse to go somewhere fun. I especially love milestone birthdays and since this year was my 60th, I wanted to do something extra special for myself.

Even though I usually travel solo, a friend of mine wanted to meet in Mexico and I jumped at the chance to have a girlfriend’s getaway. She was going to be in Tulum, so, I flew down to join her.

It Was All Very Last Minute

I just booked the flight, packed my bag and left. It has been a while since I did anything quite so spontaneous, but I knew I would have a fantastic time and I was up for the adventure.

We ended up at a lovely resort right on the beach and my friend arranged to have me put in the room right next to hers. The room was perfect, full of rustic Mexican charm. It even had a balcony with a stunning view of the Caribbean Sea. I was thrilled and I knew this was exactly what I needed.

On the Very First Night, We Decided to Go Into Town
We went to a gorgeous, beachfront dance club. It had all the fun and flair you would expect to find in a lovely little Mexican town. To top it off, it was a full moon and a Saturday night, so, everyone was in very high spirits.

To me, it felt like everyone was there to celebrate my 60th birthday. What an incredible evening it was!

Years ago, celebrating would have been a nightly occurrence. After such a great first night in Mexico, I was simply content for the rest of the trip to relax under a shady palapa and visit with my friend.

Turning 60 Was a Big Event for Me

I have always loved the aging process and truly appreciate every passing year. This birthday felt different – somehow more significant.

Turning 60 felt like a new beginning – a brand new start to the rest of my life.

Things that might have concerned me in the past seemed unimportant and I had the sense that nothing would ever be the same. I had given myself permission to enter this chapter of my life with the wonder and excitement of a child. I suddenly had no more expectations – just anticipation for what may lie ahead.

My Life Has Been a Series of Fantastic Experiences and Wonderful Lessons

Now, beginning a new decade, I feel that I am becoming more myself. All of the self-reflection, joy and sorrow are blending into this beautiful mosaic that is my life.

Watching the crystal blue waves, rolling in and out, feels like a metaphor for my life – one continuous, beautiful flow.

There is a lovely symmetry to reaching a golden age and going on vacation. Both experiences are a wonderful reflection of who I really am. They remind me to enjoy every single moment.

I am so grateful for this incredible journey that is my life – and that I got to celebrate it in Mexico!

Have you ever gone on vacation to celebrate a milestone birthday? What do you like most about life after 60? Join the conversation!


  1. Hi! I love your carefree attitude... when I turned 60, I treated myself to my first trip to Europe. It was a tour of Italy focusing on the hilltop towns in Tuscany but also covering Venice, Florence and Rome. I went with Senior Discovery Tours (I was the youngest person there!) and enjoyed it immensely. So much to see!

    When I worked full-time, travel was limited to a couple of weeks a year. I find this age allows us more flexibility (finally) and the opportunity to visit places or do things we never had time for before.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures.

    1. Thelma - thank you for your kind words. What a lovely gift to give yourself for a special birthday! It is fantastic to take time for ourselves! Happy Travels!

  2. Happy Birthday! I saw your writing on Sixty and Me and followed you here.

  3. Hi Lisa - Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! It is such a pleasure to write for Sixty and Me and I have made many great connections.