Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Travel Adventures After 50

When I turned 50, I noticed that my travel style was beginning to change.  I was less interested in speeding from place to place and more interested in a slower, more relaxed pace.  I wanted to visit fewer places and stay longer.  Taking the time to savor the entire experience.
I always begin by listing locations that I want to visit and what I might like to do while I’m there.  Keeping in mind that I don’t want a packed schedule, I plan my down time as well as my activities. 
Especially with overseas trips, I know that I will need a little time to recover from jet lag so now I give myself a couple of days to relax without making a lot of plans.  I can always do more if I’m feeling up to it but I don’t feel obligated.  It’s a nice opportunity to treat myself to a nice lunch or just a cup of tea on the patio.
Something I love to do everywhere I go is to visit gardens and museums, so I usually will build my trip around that.  It helps to narrow down where I want to stay and what type of transportation is available. 
I like to book at a nice hotel with a restaurant so that I don’t even have to go out if I don’t want to.  This also helps me feel more comfortable in a new area when I’m away.  Even though I always research the hotel and surrounding area carefully before I leave home, sometimes it isn’t what I expected or my flight is delayed and I arrive in the middle of the night.  Staying safe is always a priority.
Another nice alternative is a Bed and Breakfast.  Very often the family will help you with whatever you need and provide great information about the local area.  Do remember that they only serve breakfast so you will have to get lunch and dinner on your own. 
When I was younger, I would usually rent a car when I was away but now, I prefer to use public transportation.  I love to take taxis, buses and trains where ever I can and with ride-share available almost everywhere in the world it is easier than ever to get around.  You just need to pay close attention to schedules and plan for unexpected delays and cancelations.
Something that has helped me, especially as I’ve gotten older, is to be as prepared as possible for the inevitable travel disruptions.  More than ever, travel is unpredictable, and if you can stay flexible and be willing to make the necessary adjustments, you will have a more pleasant journey.  Some of my best experiences came from what otherwise seemed to be problems while I was traveling.
One thing, the biggest thing, I have learned while traveling is to Pack Light! 
For some, this may seem impossible but I’ve found it is more of an art than a science and with a little bit of planning and some practice, anyone can do it.
After 40 years of traveling for work and pleasure I now know that there is very little that I can’t get wherever I am and how easy it is to pivot when those unexpected issues arise if I don’t have too much baggage with me.
Everything from broken wheels and handles to the infamous cobblestone streets of Europe, I have never been sorry to have too little luggage.
I travel with one small carry-on bag that has wheels and shoulder straps and one small personal item that will fit into my carry-on if necessary.  Even for a 2-week holiday in the middle of winter, it must fit into my one carry-on or it doesn’t go.
Not only do I not have to worry about lost or stolen luggage but it also makes it possible for me to quickly change flights or get on and off of crowded buses or trains.
If you are new to travel, the best thing to do is to start small and build from there.  Plan one short excursion to do something you enjoy either in your own city or somewhere nearby for a short weekend stay and see how it feels.
Everywhere I go, I discover something new and interesting, not just about the place I’m visiting but about myself as well.
Happy Travels!

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