Sunday, July 18, 2021

Post Pandemic Travel - Getting Back to Basics

Post pandemic travel is a new and interesting experience.  So many people, myself included, are ready to explore the world again.  The question is, just how do we do that now?

Destinations are beginning to open to visitors but there are still many aspects that have changed and need to be considered before embarking on your next adventure.  Especially for women traveling alone.

Solo travel has always been a unique experience

It required special planning to make sure that it was safe and enjoyable.  Not so different than how it is today.

Thinking about how to do this reminds me of when I first began to travel.  Deciding where to go, how to get there, where to stay were just some of the decisions that I needed to make.  Everything about the process was a little scary but very exciting. 

I’m feeling that way again and it is making this process even more enjoyable.

Jump back in or take it slow

For some, this will be going full speed ahead, trying to regain their normal routine.  For others, it will be a little slower and more deliberate.  I probably fall somewhere in the middle.  I want to go fast but also be mindful of real and relevant factors all over the world.

Pre-pandemic I was travelling full-time, most of it internationally.  Just the month before lock-down in the US I was in 3 different countries and planning the next. 

Now that seems unrealistic and even careless in some cases.  I had to remind myself that things have changed and if I want to continue to travel, I need to do somethings differently.

Back to basics

As much as I love the experience of going somewhere far away, I don’t feel quite ready for that.  What I am ready for is that feeling of wonder and joy that being anywhere new brings.

I began thinking of things to do and places to go a little closer to home.  Places that would give me that sense of being away without having to go too far.

When I first started to travel alone, I would pick a nearby location and plan from there.  What I found was that it didn’t matter where it was, it always felt like I was worlds away.

Start small

Something I love to do when I am in a new place is to take public transportation, especially buses and trains.  That is something I almost never do at home. 

I started by checking stations and schedules near where I live and began to see all of the locations I can access without driving.  What I didn’t expect is that it was as much fun, if not more, than researching flights, at a fraction of the cost.

The other thing I love about traveling is staying at a nice hotel and taking myself out to dinner.  As much as I enjoy that, it is something I only do when I’m away. 

Just this small amount of planning helped me to see that I can have all of the pleasure of taking a trip with a lot less of the anxiety producing aspects that I don’t want.

There are so many options

Now, that I’ve decided that this is a good way for me to ease back into travel, I’ve realized just how many possibilities there are.  I don’t have to fly to another city to enjoy all of the things I can have right here. 

I’ve decided I will play tourist in my own city and state.  Each trip will involve something that I love – visiting local parks and gardens, going out to lunch or dinner alone, staying at a nice hotel for just a night or two or booking a luxurious spa treatment, anything I want. 

Not only will it be convenient but without having to pay airfare, it is much more affordable. 

Just thinking about this new way to travel has reignited my enthusiasm for something that has been such a wonderful part of my life. 

Wishing you safe and happy travels!   

 How do you feel about traveling again?  Are you comfortable with planning and preparing for post pandemic changes?  Have you ever been a tourist in your city?  Share your stories and join the conversation! 

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