Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Vacation

When I was growing up my family took one trip each summer to see our relatives either by car, bus or train.  Even though we would bicker the entire way I really enjoyed exploring whatever new place we were in.  Something as simple as eating lunch at the roadside café was fascinating to me.  Everywhere we went the people seemed so different and interesting.  I would watch them and imagine what exciting lives they must lead. 
One year we took a road trip to California to visit our family.  I had never been to the coast or seen the ocean before.  It was incredible to me and I remember how small I felt standing at the edge of the water.  I thought if something so amazing was this close to home, what must the rest of the world look like?  Looking back on that young girl I know exactly where my love of travel began.  My desire and curiosity to discover those amazing things outside of my normal existence have filled my life with wonder and no matter now near or far it always feels like a grand adventure.

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