Friday, March 29, 2013

Hawaii on a Whim

Sometimes I don’t pick the trip – the trip picks me.  

I travel for work and for pleasure, so I try to be ready to go whenever the opportunity presents itself.  

That was the case with Hawaii.  

It was certainly one of those places I’ve always wanted to visit but I didn’t plan to go until it began showing up everywhere – people at work talking about it, TV, email specials, you name it.  I’m a little superstitious about taking hints from the travel gods about where I should and should not go (I’ll tell you about my trip to Paris another time).

 So not long after starting a new job I received a notice from my airline frequent flyer program that I had miles that would expire and there just happened to be enough for a flight to Hawaii. 

Then, the hotel chain I usually stay with notified me that they had a great deal on Hawaiian vacations, and I could use my points for most of it.  That was it – I booked the trip.  I didn’t even know which island(s) I wanted to visit all I knew was that I wanted to go.

I just love the spontaneity of picking up and going somewhere out of the blue; it feels like a very decadent and frivolous adventure!  It is hard for me to plan trips very far in advance because I don’t like to wait, and I usually will over think everything from what to wear to what I want to do.

This trip was easy – I wanted to be somewhere quiet where I could go whale watching.  So, Molokai was my island.  I was warned by everyone not to go, that I would not like it and there was nothing to do but that sounded perfect.  

It was one of the most relaxing vacations I think I’ve ever had.  The added bonus was that I met some wonderful people and saw many beautiful whales and dolphins!

My advice is - don’t be afraid to just let yourself go, you will never regret it.

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