Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sentimental Journey

After a very strange and stressful week at work I was finally heading to the airport to go home.  When I arrived it was buzzing with activity, mostly sports fans and students on spring break so it was very loud and hectic.  I found the most quiet location possible and tried to focus on what would make my flight more pleasant so I decided to think about where I wanted to sit on the plane.  This airline does not assign seats which can be a blessing or a curse and with today's crowd I thought I better put all of my energy toward the positive so I could try to relax on my way home.  My request was simple - a seat on the aisle with room for my small bag overhead and a pleasant seatmate preferably between rows 5 - 20 on the plane.  I know it's silly but it can make all the difference between a easy and comfortable flight and an uncomfortable one.

Boarding the plane it was already more than half full and as I moved back I scoured the rows for my seat.  Finally, row 17 on the aisle, with plenty of overhead space - great!  As I sat down I realized it was 2 women with a small baby and that may have been why the seat was available.  I was thrilled, after becoming a grandmother almost 4 years ago it makes me very happy to be around young children. 

It was a young mother with her grandmother and 6 month old daughter.  I immediately began to relax and knew this would be a wonderful flight.  I chatted briefly with the women and played with the beautiful little girl until she fell asleep in her great-grandmothers arms.  Then it occurred to me - that could be me someday!  A tidal wave of emotion came over me as I thought about my grandchildren having children of their own and that we might take a trip together just like this lovely family and I could have my own great-grandchild sleeping in my arms.  What a beautiful and sentimental journey and one of the best trips I have ever had.

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