Saturday, January 4, 2014

Birthday Trip

Every year at this time I begin planning my birthday trip.  It is the perfect time for a getaway and a special way for me to celebrate the occasion.  The tradition began many, many years ago when I decided to go to Mexico for my birthday.  It was the first trip I had ever taken out of the country and what a grand adventure that was.  I spoke very little Spanish, I did not know or understand border customs, foreign currency exchange or much about getting around in a strange place.  I was terrified and exhilarated all at the same time.

I began by purchasing a holiday package that included most of my arrangements and that helped a great deal.  I found when I arrived that although most of the basics were covered I still had to manage quite a bit on my own.  What I discovered was that it was so much fun and easier than I expected. 

I met so many wonderful people both locals and other tourists, ate incredible food, had fantastic excursions and even had a little holiday romance, it was truly enchanting.  Ever since then it has been an annual event and I can't wait to see what fantastic journey awaits!

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