Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rx - Ireland

My first trip to Ireland was actually prescribed by my doctor.  I had been working too much at a very stressful job and hadn’t taken a vacation in years.  After getting sick and ending up in the hospital my Dr. said she would not release me to go back to work until I had taken a trip somewhere peaceful and out of the country (she knew if I was anywhere nearby I would go back to work too soon – she knows me well). 

So being the good patient and happy traveler that I am, I searched for flights and found an unbelievable roundtrip ticket to Ireland for $220!  I was very tired and still not really well so I decided to book a tour so I didn’t have to plan anything.  A few days before the trip the tour was cancelled, it was winter in Ireland and they simply did not have enough people signed up to go.  I paused for a split second and then decided I would go and drive myself following the same itinerary that the tour had planned. 

I picked up my car in Dublin and set out to see the country.  I wasn’t too far outside of the city when I had to pull over – I was crying so hard I could not see where I was driving.  Not only was the countryside gorgeous but the people were so kind and nurturing; I knew I needed to spend more time in this beautiful place.  So after an unbelievable week - I returned home, quit my job and booked another trip to continue my Irish adventure…..

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